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Guangzhou Star Plastic Hardware Co., Ltd. reached
Address: Haizhu District of Guangzhou, 230 South Road, Post Code: 510280
Tel: 84348101     Fax:
Plastic parts and components industry: the production of various types of table accessories, hardware accessories, and sales of this product.

Czech Republic into Italian marble [Guangzhou] Co., Ltd.
Address: Fangcun District East Long co-Lee Wai Zip Code: 510360
Tel: 81892987     Fax:
Stone used in construction industry: the production of sheet metal processing marble and granite stone shaped craft products sales of this product

Guangzhou and South Africa Metal Products Engineering Co., Ltd.
Address: Guangzhou Tianhe District Dongpu industries Huangcun Zip Code: 510660
Tel: 82303497     Fax: 82303455
Metal doors and windows manufacturing: production, marketing, processing all types of roller shutters, glass fire doors, steel doors, fire prevention, fire wooden doors, aluminum alloy doors and windows, glass curtain walls, stainless steel hardware products, stainless steel

The Guangzhou wheeling green pencil Co., Ltd.
Address: Tianhe District, Guangzhou Longdong forestry industries run by his son, West Village, 11 Zip Code: 510520
Tel: 87030412     Fax: 87030412
Pen manufacturing industry: the production of waste paper pencil, paper packaging supplies, cultural and educational supplies, and sales of the company's products.

Huamao garment interlining coating Guangzhou Co., Ltd.
Address: Industrial Road in Guangzhou last big South West of the Fifth Circuit, in the industrial zone Zip code: 510288
Tel: 84332738     Fax: 84331818
Other textile industry: production, processing and garment interlining, clothing fabric coating, sales of the enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises with industry-related products.

Guangzhou good World Square Property Management Ltd.
Address: Huanshi Dong Lu, Guangzhou, 362-366, on the ninth floor of Zip Code: 510060
Tel: 83870890     Fax: 83878880
Real estate management industry: World Plaza, Guangzhou good property management.

Da Jia (Guangzhou) Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd.
Address: Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone East River's agricultural plant floor of Building A Zip Code: 510730
Tel: 82218945     Fax: 82221889
Packaging equipment manufacturing industry: the production, sale marked packaging equipment, packaging production line, liquid filling equipment, printing labels and marking materials, packaging equipment, spare parts, consumables

Guangzhou Dahua Stationery Co., Ltd.
Address: Huangpu District, Guangzhou City, Town Maogang Maogang Village Road, Post Code: 510700
Tel: 82277989     Fax: 82275941
Stationery manufacturing industry: production, processing a variety of high-level stationery, office supplies and student supplies rucksacks and handbags, and other life-related tourism products of the enterprise product sales (card-related products

Feng Guangzhou Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Address: West Road, Guangzhou, China, 132 Post Code: 510170
Tel: 81936070     Fax: 81961477
Real estate development and management industry: the city of Jinhua in Guangzhou two or three small piece of the lot development, construction, sales and leasing business of self-management to building.

Huangpu District of Guangzhou Zhen Hong Kong, South South of earth and stone Transport Mechanical Engineering Corporation
Address: Nangang District, Guangzhou Huangpu Zhenxiang Western Hills Zip Code: 510760
Tel: 82232699     Fax: 82237913
Motor transport industry: to undertake the transport of earth and stone business, rental of construction equipment, machinery and mechanical equipment related distribution of spare parts.

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